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About us

We are market leader in trading Rice, Wheat, Yellow Maise, Spices, Food Grains and other food products in Gujranwala, Pakistan. We also produce Basmati Rice and Wheat on our agricultural farms. We are in the market from the last 20 years. We believe in innovation, honesty and team work.

What we do

We have a talented team, with more than 20 years of experience in food trading. We are in the heart of Punjab, where best basmati rice produced. The wheat grain produced here are best types in Pakistan. zaimart is a the place where you could trust your items are traded with best prices. We don't promise, we believe in delivery and customer stratification. We also have rented farms where we produced best quality crops and vegetables. Please contact us to find how we do and how we are the best.

We are also working as commission agent for seasonal crops in Nokhar Mandi. Few of many type of rice we deal are below.

  1. 1. Super Kernal Basmati

  2. 2. Long Grain 386 Rice

  3. 3. Irri-6 White Rice

  4. 4. Parboiled Rice

  5. 5. For more varities, please contact us

We also trade the following Wheat Grains

  1. 1. Hard Red Winter

  2. 2. Hard Red Spring

  3. 3. Soft Red Winter

  4. 4. Durum

  5. 5. For more varieties, please contact us

Our Goals

We aim for best customer service. Our values are reliability, sincerity and flexibility. We are affiliated with regional organisations. zaimart also created a business centre named ZAI MARKET. We aim to make this the main centre for rice and wheat trading in the area. We are striving for creating best brand for Nokhar area. We already working with our stakeholder, if you are interested to join us in our mission, we could provide you a shop and business opportunity to groom.

Our Skills

Rice & Wheat Trading 60%

60% Complete

Agricultural Crops Consultancy 88%

88% Complete

Personal Properties(Resi/Comm) Leasing 55%

30% Complete


Meet our talented Team.


Muhammad Hafeez is a founder of zaimart. Hafeez has 15 years trading experience in rice, wheat and other crops. He belongs to an agricultural family and inherits a wealth of experience in regional business norm. Recently he builds a big business opportunity for the other traders to join the 'Zai Market'.

Business Development Manager

Awais Raza is a young energetic business development manager. Awais added a lot of value in business. Awais has 4 years experience in trading.








We provide the following services.

Rice Broker

We work on commission basis for small and big orders you may have. We charge nominal fee to introduce you to best market leader by providing 100% guarantee. Let’s talk!

Rice, Wheat Farming Consultancy

We belong to an agricultural family and have many years experience. We have sample farms for all crops where we show how we produce the best quality products.

Rice Trader

We buy and sell any type of rice, wheat grain, yellow Maise, spices and food grains.

Renting (Resi & Comm) Properties

Zai Market contains 20 shops and few are available for rent, where you could start your dream business. In addition we own few residential properties for rent, please contact us to find out if there is any property is available for lease!



Rice Brands

Pakistan is vastly known around the world for the rice it produces, especially for the huge range of the prince of rice ‘basmati’ harvested around the year. Being one of the largest rice producing countries, Pakistan has an annual production of more than 5 million tons of rice. There are many different varieties of rice produced in Pakistan, with one of the eagerly demanded all over the world and delicious ‘basmati

Shaheen Basmati

Project Short Description



Kernal Basmati

Project Short Description



Basmati 2000

Project Short Description



Super Basmati

Super kernal Basmati Rice is one of the greater types of basmati rice grown primarily in the foothills of the



Super Kernal Basmati Rice

Project Short Description



1121 Extra Long Grain Rice

Project Short Description



KS 282 Non Basmati Long Grain Rice

Project Short Description.



Kainaat (1121)

Project Short Description



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If you are interested any of the above services, please drop us an email or ring us

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